My experience as an international student in the UK

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GulAhmed Magsood

MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice, Lancaster University, UK.

My experience as an international student in the UK.

Where do I start? I have spent more than 20 percent of my life in the UK since I came here in 2011 from Karachi (Pakistan) to study for my undergraduate degree in BSc Hons Accounting and Finance. And now I recently finished my MSc in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice. I never expected that I would do masters here in the UK when I came here in 2011. However, now I am happy to say that my UK experience has helped in discovering the real person in me and his passion for innovation.

These past 5 years have been an amazing experience and the UK has helped me discover many opportunities that I would have never done otherwise. The support and motivation that I received from the people in the UK have helped me work in London for 15 months’ full-time during my undergraduate degree. Moreover, it also gave me an opportunity to travel to Italy and USA to pursue my passion for innovation. All in one, I am happy to say that the UK has welcomed me with open arms and has helped me enhance my interpersonal skills.

During my university journey in the UK, I have met brilliant people who made me comfortable outside my comfort zone. From jumping from a plane 14,000 ft in the sky to trying new cuisines every week and the list goes on. But, I am happy to say that it taught me how to be robust and how to fight back no matter how hard the situation is.

To conclude, I am very confident in the people here and their co-operation. It has been the tremendous 5 years and much more to come. UK has given me so much and now I pledge to give it back in terms of hard work and creating value for the society and especially for Lancaster University by contributing in every way I can to enhance the passion for innovation and desire to make a difference in students who are still studying and will be joining us in here in the future.

My experience as an international student in the UK
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