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The Guardian Abroad UK Ltd offers guardianship and specialist services to international students and their parents. Here, we look at the two most common problems international students and their guardians face, demonstrating how we at The Guardian Abroad help alleviate the stresses these problems cause for those studying abroad, together with their parents, guardians and sponsors.

Family worries – This is an issue which affects both international students and their parents. The former is often left suffering symptoms of homesickness and the effects of culture shock, whilst the latter is understandably concerned for the support and care of their child abroad. This is where we at The Guardian Abroad step in. We ensure your child is well-supported and cared for abroad. We offer a 24-hour email and contact service in case of any emergency or difficulty, termly visits to discuss academic progress and personal welfare, offering professional and personal advice from former students who have been in their very position. We liaise with parents and sponsors on any area of concern, acting as a go-between the student’s academic institution, the student and the parent. We can visit the student on parental request, offering a termly report service for peace of mind. We serve to alleviate the worries of parent and student in what can be a very challenging and demanding time for the family. Please read our guarantee for further information on our exceptionally high level of service.

Preparation for life studying abroad – Whilst studying abroad is an exceptional opportunity, it also involves an enormous amount of preparation. Please see our handy guide to preparing for university abroad should you require any additional information. From visa applications and passport renewals to securing accommodation, language development and travel plans, we offer a wide range of specialist support services for your specific requirements. We offer airport pick-up to location of study, provide SIM cards for mobile phones if required, utilise our ‘Get-Acquainted’ programme and liaise with summer language courses. We also assist in finding accommodation and assist in the visa and educational institution application process.

Crucially, we are here for you. We act as the guardian abroad, readily available at all times, providing exceptional tailored support. We offer transparency, working closely with the educational institution of study, parents and the international student to provide the very best outcome for all. We take our responsibilities seriously, offering the very best guardianship service available for international students. We are here for your peace of mind.

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The Guardian Abroad – Who We Are
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